Keybr Review- Tests to Improve Typing Practice and Speed

What is Keybr?

Keybr is a web tool that helps you learn touch typing with typing exercises tailored to your skill level. As you improve your typing practice and improve your typing speed, you move to advanced levels where you can train your muscle memory to type based on just the sensation of keyboard strokes.

What is touch typing?

According to Techopedia, touch typing is a method of typing that relies primarily on the feel of the keyboard without the use of eyesight. In other words, “writing through muscle memory”. This is only possible when you acquire such a strong habit of typing that it becomes second nature to typing without having to peek at keyboard strokes.

Keybr- Improve typing practice and improve typing speed

In this way, “the fingers get so used to typing that they instinctively navigate to the appropriate keys without the writer having to see or even feel around the keyboard.” The opposite of touch typing, to use Keybr terminology, is chasing and picky writing, a method of writing in which the writer looks at the keyboard while typing.

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How does Keybr work?

Keybr uses sophisticated algorithms to determine your skill level and create writing lessons appropriate to your level. Your writing skill level is measured by the speed and accuracy of your writing. Keybr generates random words for you, and as you practice typing it collects statistics about your overall typing performance. Every time you finish a set of words, Keybr creates a new random set and the cycle continues.

Keybr generated words are not necessarily meaningful though many of them are. The purpose is to get you to write fluently and effectively with the fewest mistakes and the least amount of time possible. However, the Keybr algorithm takes into account the phonetic rules of your native language and provides you with the combinations of letters used in your language.

As Keybr mentioned, “Writing reasonable text is much easier than repeating random characters, and it helps you remember repeated key combinations. The last point is important. For example, it is almost impossible for the letter ‘W’ to follow the letter ‘Z’ in English, and it wouldn’t You never write such a combination in this app. Instead, you will write more common words, such as “the”, “that”, “with” etc. Soon you will learn how to write the « the » combo really fast.

Keybr provides you with words containing the most common letters (eg, E, N, I, T, R, L). When you first start typing, these letters are greyed out. As you practice writing them, these letters begin to change their color indices based on your typing speed. For example, a letter highlighted in red means that the typing speed for that specific key is slow; On the other hand, a green shaded letter indicates the opposite.

Keybr’s typing speed is measured in either words per minute (WPM) or characters per minute (CPM). The definition of the word is standardized to be five letters, so 10 WPM equals 50 CPM.

Your goal is to improve your typing speed and turn red letters into green letters. When you do this, Keybr introduces a new letter S and supplies you with words containing that letter. Again, your goal is to turn the letter from red to green, once you have finished writing a new letter, the words are presented and the same cycles repeat.

How to use Keybr

To help you improve your typing speed and accuracy, Keybr provides you with a virtual keyboard to use for locating letters without having to look at the physical keyboard. However, knowing how to properly position your fingers on a physical keyboard is an essential part of learning to type quickly.

Correct finger placement involves looking for “the little bumps on the F and J keys on your keyboard. Use them to position your index fingers correctly without having to look at the keys. Once your index fingers are in the correct position, you will be able to locate the rest of the keys.”

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Does Keyblr support custom text?

Yes! You can add your own custom text to Keybr using the advanced mode. Here’s how to do it: Click “Settings”, select “Provide your own custom text” and then paste the text into the white box. You can paste words and phrases separated by commas.

Multiplayer mode

If you want to test your typing skills in a competitive mode, give Multiplayer a try. Depending on how many players are online when you join, you will be able to compete against other players in real time. Each player is represented by a colored car. The faster you type, the faster your car will go. Type as fast as you can to win the race! “

Text Tools

Text tools allow you to type your text to see how many letters and words are in it, measure the time taken to read it, and determine your average typing speed.

How much does a Keybr cost?

Keybr offers free and premium plans. The premium plan offers all the basic plan features plus no ads or trackers and fast page loading time. There is a “one-stop payment for lifetime access”. Also, opening an account with Keybr (free) allows you to save your typing data in the site’s servers for you to access anywhere with an internet connection.

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