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Discord is the go-to chat and VOIP for multiplayer, streamers, and communities. You can create ‘servers’, add members and bots, and do more to engage people with voice and chat-based communication. If you are a newbie to Discord Server and watch members chat with different formats of text like bold, center line, underline, italic, colored text, etc., you might be wondering, how do they do it? In this guide, we’ll explore the world of Discord text formatting and understand how to bold text, change text to italics or how to underline Discord text, and much more.

Discord Markdown

Before we get into our Discord text formatting guide for Strikethrough Discord text and more, let’s take a quick look at the behind-the-scenes formatting of Discord text. Discord uses ‘Markdown’, a lightweight markup language, to format text in the background. The advantage of Markdown is that you can create rich text using only a plain text editor.

As a result, many designers and developers use it to create readme files, documents, blogs, instant messages, forums, etc. Many popular sites like GitHub, Reddit, and Stack Exchange Markdown (or its variant) are used for user discussions.

Discord also uses Markdown to format text in the background. So, by using punctuation, you can make text bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough in Discord.

Text in the middle of the line of contention

In print, strikethrough is a word format in which a horizontal line appears through the center of the text like this strikethrough text“. Unlike redacted or censored words, strikethrough text is still readable. Strikethrough text can represent omitted information, wrong words, or words not intended for inclusion.

When accessing Discord, you can easily add strikethrough text to Discord by adding two tilde (~) characters before the text message and two after it. For example, suppose your message is “This is how text is centered in Discord”. If you want the words strikethrough text to be strikethrough in the above message, you have to type the following:

This is how a ~~ text is strikethrough in Discord

Strikethrough, discord, strikethrough

How to format text in discord?

Now that we’ve seen how to Strikethrough Discord text using simple punctuation, let’s go ahead and take a look at how to format text in Discord for other frequently used text formats.

1. Bold

One of the most frequently used text formats is bold text. To make some text bold in Discord, you have to put two asterisks

before the text and two asterisks after the text.

For example, if your message is “Here’s an example of bold text in Discord” and you want to make the works “text bold” in bold, you would enter the following:

Here is an example of **bold text** in Discord

Strikethrough, Discord, Bold

2. Italic

When you make the text italic, it tilts to the right. We often use italic text to emphasize a specific word or sentence. When you come to Discord, you can italicize a word with a single asterisk

before the word and one star after the word.

Note that to make the text bold we have to put two asterisks before and after the text, while to make the text italic we have to put only one asterisk before and after the text.

For example, if your message is

Strikethrough, Discord, Italic

Strikethrough, Discord, Italic

3. Underline

An underscore or underline is a line drawn below the text. In the days of the typewriter, text underlining was the main way to emphasize text, but we have replaced this method with italics in the creation of modern computer-based documents.

In Discord, you can underline text by adding two dashes (_) before the text and two dashes (_) after the text.  For example, if your message is

Strikethrough, Discord, Underline

Strikethrough, Discord, Underline

4. Combine

The good thing about Markdown in Discord is that you can combine two or more formats to create text that is a mixture of multiple text formats. For example, you can make text bold and italic at the same time by adding three asterisks

before the text and three asterisks after the text.

This is how you can create *** text in bold and italic *** in Discord

Strikethrough, discord, bold, italic

Strikethrough, discord, bold, italic

The above set is just one example where we combined two different text formats in Discord. But you can try as many combinations as possible.

Also, the designs and formats mentioned in this guide are pretty basic. You can explore more and learn how to add single-line code blocks, multi-line code blocks, colored text, and more.

Conclusion This is a simple guide on how to format text in Discord. You can add some punctuation and symbols in the message, make the text bold and italic, add an underline or strikethrough, Discord, and more. Discord’s Markdown text formatting engine makes it very easy to format text with these symbols and punctuation.

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