DeltaMath- Practice Math through Randomized Problem-sets (Full Review)

Delta Math is a teacher-created math platform used by millions of students and educators around the world. Created in 2009 by a math teacher named Zach Korzyk, Delta Math has been a huge hit among teachers and students. Delta Math offers random math problems that provide students (grades 6 through 12) with unlimited opportunities to practice math and receive feedback on their performance.

deltamath review for teachers and students

Delta Math offers over 1,800 ready-made Common Core compatible math problem types. Through the integrated automatic grading system, students get instant feedback on their answers. They can also automatically generate categorized graphs and get instant feedback with the correct answers.

As with other popular math solvers (eg, Xramath, Symbolab, Mathway), Delta Math is meant to help students learn independently and should never be used to cheat or to find shortcuts to deeper and meaningful learning experiences.

How can teachers use DeltaMath?

Teachers can use Delta Math to create assignments and assign specific types of problems to students. The Plus version allows educators to create their own self-categorized and customized problems to assign to specific students or groups of students. This is particularly ideal for distinguishing between teaching and learning. Teachers can use location tracking data to access student performance data, analyze their progress, create custom assignments for remedial work, and provide additional practice.

Teachers can easily create problems by adding them from the site’s library, which hosts thousands of ready-made problems. They can use the site’s internal search to search for issues by common core criteria, year, topic, or by keyword. Each problem provides students with step-by-step instructions on how to solve it.

Delta Math includes interactive features and cues on math problems to help guide students to the correct answers. Also, an increasing number of math problems and units include visuals and illustrative components to help students understand the illustrative procedure involved and facilitate understanding of complex and abstract math concepts.

How to create assignments in Delta Math?

The process of creating a task in Delta Math is simple and easy. Log in to your teacher account, click Create/Edit and select Create Standard Assignment. Type a name for your assignment and select the class you want to share the assignment with. Next, click on the Skills tab and select the skills you want to assign, then go to the Due Date tab and select a date and select a specific date. Once done, click Create Task.

Your teacher account allows you to create as many assignments as you want. The Plus version also provides the ability to set videos, select a specific problem subtype, and create your own problem.

When you share assignments with students, they will be able to access them through their account. Teachers can see every problem students have attempted or viewed, including students’ answers. Timestamp details of when students were solving them, their recent actions, and how much time students spent on each problem. Teachers can also view and export students’ total completion estimates. Using delta Math PLUS, teachers can see when students started a time-limited test or task, how long students have worked on that test or assignment, and also keep track of whether students have watched help videos.”

Delta Math Student Login

Watch this video to learn more about a Student Account and what students can do once they sign into their Delta Math accounts.

How much does Delta Math cost?

Delta Math offers the following subscriptions:

A- Delta Math Program is free. It offers the following features:

  • Unlimited missions
  • Unlimited student practice
  • 1800+ readymade problem types,
  • aligned with the common core
  • Auto estimate
  • Detailed student data, including timestamps
  • Evidence of student progress/learning
  • Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Copy and share tasks.

B- Delta Math Plus Program (Individual Teacher): $95 for the teacher and offers all the advantages of a free account in addition to:

  • Tutorial videos for every type of problem
  • Set videos from YouTube
  • Create test / patch test
  • Selection of sub-types of problems
  • Select specific problems
  • Assign to individuals or groups
  • Create your own problem

C- Delta Math Plus (School/District License): This plan requires that you request a quote.

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