How to Track a Phone for Free?

If you ever ask yourself “how to hack someones phone remotely”, there must be a good reason for it. If not, you’re out of luck, but don’t judge too soon!

Here are some reasons why you might want to know more about hacking apps and how to track a phone using mSpy:

1. If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you

2. You think your child is hanging out with some negligent people

3. You think your child is being harassed or bullied another person

4. You fear that you will be blackmailed with messages you sent to someone else

5. You fear that your elderly relatives will be cheated on the Internet

6. You want to make sure your employees are loyal

As you can see, these reasons are not naive at all and you may also need to track the location of the phone or know how to hack the phone camera if any of these concerns apply to you as well.

This may all sound like fun and games, but it really isn’t. Your time will be very limited, which is a risky procedure. Imagine falling!?

Also, even knowing how to recover deleted text messages or media won’t give you an advantage here, as we said – you won’t have enough time.

2. Restore their messages from iCloud

This is another free way to spy on someone, but it is only possible to spy on iPhone using this method.

What you will do here is basically log into the target’s iCloud and restore the backup data that might have been deleted.

Not only is it time-consuming and getting in trouble here, but basically you’ll need to know the credentials to log into the account in question.

3. Forward their messages

A way to read someone’s messages that works with both Android and iPhone is message forwarding. What you need to do here, again, is access the target phone, and you’ll need to work from there.

a) First, open “Settings” > “Messages”

b) Find and select “Forward Text Messages”

c) Choose the device that can receive and send messages from the phone you are trying to spy on

Sounds like heaven, right?

Yes, I know it is, but there is a trick. The owner of the target phone will be alerted about this, as message forwarding does not work quietly in the background of the phone. It’s visible, and they’ll know it’s you who is receiving their messages.

4. Use spy apps for Android or iPhone

The last option is to accept it and start using spy apps.

If you want a good app, you’ll have to pay, and that can put a lot of people off. However, it is the best option.

Now, another issue is that most of these apps are either an iPhone spy app or an Android spy app.

But…! We spent a lot of time and effort searching for apps, and our favorite is mSpy – the best spy app for Android and iPhone. No matter what your target is using, the app is compatible.

mSpy also offers two options:

a) Install it on the device and let the tracking begin, or

b) Choose a jailbreak-free version that does not require installation (iPhone only)

What you get with mSpy is a variety of tracking options. Using the app, you can:

a) Read all sent and received messages, even deleted

b) Access to social media applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.

c) Look at the media on their phone

d) Use it as Android GPS or iPhone GPS app

e) Access to the list of contacts

f) See call history with timestamps and duration of calls

g) Check your web search history and bookmarks

h) Block certain websites and apps

i) View calendar and notes

j) Check the Wi-Fi networks the phone is logged into

There is also 24/7 multilingual customer support that can help you with all your questions and concerns.

It is easy to install mSpy in just a few steps, and once you set it on the target phone, it will start working in the background, unnoticeably, and you will finally find out everything you need to know.

Yes, tracking SMS can tell you a lot, but messages can be easily deleted.

Also, if someone is doing something scribbled and if they are smart, they can easily develop a series of secret codes for communication. Therefore, knowing how to hack WhatsApp or hack Instagram account may not give you all the answers.

Here are some other things to watch out for:

A GPS tracker can tell you more about the places they’ve been to

Their calendar can also tell you a lot, especially if they are “busy” while their calendar suggests otherwise

The photos and videos on someone’s device can tell you more than the messages themselves

Tracking apps on someone’s phone is another great way to find out what they’re up to (your partner installed Tinder? Well, that’s a thing)

Your browsing history and bookmarks will probably tell you just as much as tracking apps on their phone can tell you

Trace a mobile phone number or check their contacts

Knowing all of this can give you the upper hand so having a phone tracking app that can help with all of this would be a real life changer.

Fortunately, mSpy is not only an SMS tracker, but it can help with all of the above as well.

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