What Is A Quizlet Live and How to Use It with Students? Tips for Teachers

Quizlet Live is a collaborative game system that allows teachers to engage students and enhance their learning using a variety of game-based activities. As students play games, teachers access live data on their performance and track their progress. Quizlet Live games can be used for various educational purposes including vocabulary review, practice study materials (such as math and chemistry), learning coding, and much more. In this post, you will learn about the Quizlet Live topic and how to use it with your students.

Quizlet live

What is Quizlet live

Quizlet Live is a cooperative classroom game. Like other game Formative assessment tools (such as Kahoot, Blooket, and Quizalize), Quizlet Live has two game modes: Teams mode where students work together to answer questions and review terms and definitions and a single mode where students play against each other.

How Quizlet Live works is simple and easy. You can either select the study group you created or use one of the study groups you have added to your library. Open the study group and click on Live. Quizlet Live automatically creates a game that students can join using a unique code or by scanning a QR code with their mobile device.

How to join Quizlet Live?

Students can easily join Quizlet Live using their Chromebooks, laptops, or through their mobile device’s browsers. Here’s how they can do that:

  • Students go to Quizlet Live
  • They enter the accession code that you (the teacher) shared with them
  • Choose to join the game
  • Enter their names
  • They chose let’s go.

How to play Quizlet Live in Teams mode?

Teams mode allows students to work together to provide answers to study questions. Teams mode requires at least four players and a group of at least six pairs from the definition of the term. Every player needs a laptop or mobile device. Here’s how to start Quizlet Live in Teams mode:

– Log in to your Quizlet teacher account

– Click on the study group

– Select live broadcast from the bottom left corner

– Select Class Live then start

– Select random teams

– Choose the combination of prompts and answers that players will see:

  • Definitions as prompts, terms as answers
  • Terms as prompts and definitions as answers
  • terms as prompts, locations on the graph as answers (only available in chart sets)
  • Definitions as prompts, locations on the graph as answers (only available in graph sets).

Show your screen for the whole class to see.

– Have the players open the Quizlet, use the join code, and enter their name.

– Select Create game and click start game.

Players are assigned to random teams. You can click Remix to change the members of each team. You can also remove students from a team but you can only remove them before the game starts.

Also note that the games and activities in Quizlet Live come with music and sound effects. “When the activity ends, the music plays until you exit or start a new round.” You can stop playing the music by clicking on the speaker icon before starting the game.

How to start Quizlet Live in Singles mode?

In the single mode, students play against each other. This mode requires two or more players and a study group with at least six pairs of term definitions. If students are using their mobile device, they can join by scanning a QR code. To start Quizlet Live in single mode:

  • Log in to your Quizlet tutor account.
  • Select the study group
  • Click Live and choose Classic Live
  • Select Create Game
  • Click Individuals
  • Select the set of prompts and answers you want players to see
  • Have students join using the generated code or if they are using their mobile device, scan the QR code.
  • Select Create Game.
  • Click start game.

How to start a tour from the checkpoint

Checkpoint is a fun way to do quick formative assessments in your class. Here’s how to start a tour from the checkpoint:

  • Log in to your teacher account
  • Select the study group
  • Click Live and choose Checkpoint
  • Define at least six terms and definition pairs
  • Select Create
  • Ask to join using the number code you shared with them or if they are using their mobile device, to scan the QR code
  • Select Create Activity
  • Click Continue after each question to move to the next.

Watch this video to see Quizlet live in action

Quizlet Free vs Premium Quizlet Plans

Quizlet offers a free and premium one. The free plan offers very limited features. The premium plan has more options and features including the ability to:
  • See how your students study on Quizlet and what terms need further revision
  • Track students’ progress and see their performance in Quizlet
  • Play with custom teams, play the sound and switch groups without changing groups
  • Create an unlimited number of classes to connect your students to your content
  • Help your students focus by eliminating advertisements in the classes you create
  • Emphasize key points and patterns with bold, italics, underlines and highlights
  • Show how the parts fit into the whole with multipoint diagrams and custom shapes
  • Scan documents to quickly create collections and access Quizlet offline with the mobile app
  • Help students solve difficult problems with step-by-step solutions from over 10,000 textbooks.


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