What Is Epic? Learn How to Use Epic Books to Improve Kids Reading Skills

Epic is a reading platform for students aged 12 and under. It offers a growing library of books, audiobooks, and educational videos to help children become stronger readers. As a teacher, you can create your own class on Epic, add students, and start sharing reading materials with them. You can also create tests and include them in assigned readings for students to take. As students read their assigned books and answer quizzes, you can track their reading progress and rate their performance from the Epic dashboard.

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to Epic and guide you through the different services they offer. More specifically, you will learn:
  • Why Epic?
  • What features does it provide?
  • Do you offer Epic version for teachers?
  • How do you add student profiles on Epic?
  • How to Create Classroom Groups on Epic?
  • How to find and assign books to Epic?
  • How are groups created and assigned?
  • How to create and assign tests?
  • Is Epic free?
  • Video tutorials and resources

Epic tutorial for teachers

Why Epi

Like the Scholastic Book Club, Epic provides high-quality reading material that is fun, interactive, and most importantly safe for children. Epic books are organized by reading level and interest. Search over 40,000 titles, create and share collections, design quizzes, and turn your children’s reading experience into an interactive learning journey. Some of the popular book series on Epic include: Goodnight Moon, Sesame Street, National Geographic, Wings of Fire, Curious George, Flat Stanley, Diary of Wimpy Kid, and more.

Other features offered by Epic include:

  • Huge library of diverse reading material that includes: audio books, Read Me books, comic books, graphic novels, chapter books, (non-fiction) and more.
  • Reading materials are also available in French, Spanish and Chinese.
  • Dictionary search that allows students to click on any word to read and hear its definition.
  • Incentives including digital badges and rewards to motivate students to read more.
  • Personalized recommendations that meet students’ reading interests and levels.
  • Progress tracking helps teachers monitor students’ reading journey giving them inside insights into how many books students have read, hours spent reading, finished videos and more.

Does Epic offer a special edition for teachers and educators?

Yes! The Epic School service is available free of charge to elementary school teachers and elementary school librarians. Head to Epic.com/educators and sign up using the teacher’s email (not the personal email).

Note that “The Epic (Epic School) Educator version is intended for use in elementary school classrooms or in the school library only. If your school is currently learning remotely, you can still use Epic with your classroom during school hours (7 a.m. to 3 p.m.). , from Monday to Friday) “.

How do you create student profiles on Epic?

There are two ways to add new student profiles: You can either add them manually or import them through Google Classroom.

A- Adding Student Profiles Manually:

Here’s how to add new student profiles to your teacher account:

  • Log in to your Epic teacher account
  • Click Menu
  • Choose Add Student or Create Profile and enter your details
  • Click Add Student.

b- Adding student profiles using Google Classroom

This feature is only available on the web and iOS versions of Epic. Here’s how to add student profiles using Google Classroom on the web:

  • Log in to your Epic teacher account
  • Click Add Students
  • Select Import Google Classroom
  • After you sign in to your Classroom account, click the checkbox next to your class and select Import to transfer your class.

How to create Classroom groups?

Epic allows you to organize your students into different reading groups providing you with an easy way to assign readings and track students’ reading progress. Here’s how to create a group:

  • Sign in to your Epic account
  • Click on the My Students tab and select Menu
  • Click Create group and enter the group name in the popup
  • Select the students you want to add to your group and click Done.

How to find and assign books to Epic?

The Epic Library hosts a large number of reading materials for use with your students. To access them, log into your account and click Explore to find recommended books by grade level or use the tool’s integrated search service to search for books by author, title or keyword. You can also filter search results by age, reading level, fiction or nonfiction, format (for example, picture books, picture books, poetry, reference books, whiteboards, activity books, etc.), language (for example, English, Spanish, Chinese, French), and a quiz (for example, searching for books with tests at the end), and after school (for example, books available after school).

When you find the book you’re interested in, click Set to share it with the whole class or student. To start reading custom books, students need to log into their Epic accounts and access the books from the mailbox.

How are groups created and assigned?

Kits are lists of books and videos recommended by other teachers. To access groups, click Explore, type your search query, and then click Groups from the search results page. Click on the heart icon to add any group to your library. You can also click Set to assign the group to students. You also have the option to edit the group to share it with others. To create a new collection, simply click on the heart icon and start adding books and videos. Provide a title and description for your group and choose if you want it publicly available to others.

How to create and assign tests?

To be able to create and assign tests, click Explore and type your search query. Next, click on Quiz filter and turn on “Show only books with exams at the end” on. Browse the collection and when you find the book you’re interested in, click to open it. Click the three question marks and select Create Quiz. Write down your questions (at least three) and your answers and when you are ready to share them, click Publish and then Set.

Students can take the test when they log into their Epic profile and click on Mailbox. To check student results, click on the My Students tab and select Tests.

Is Epic free?

Epic offers two plans: Basic and Unlimited. The Basic plan offers limited features. The Unlimited plan provides unrestricted access to all materials and tools on Epic. As mentioned earlier, “Epic School is free for primary school teachers around the world.”

Video Tutorials

Watch these video tutorials to learn more about the different features that Epic provides:

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