Nominations Now Open for The Fintech Power 50 2022 Annual Guide

fintech times We are pleased to announce that we have been selected once again as a Strategic Media Partner for 2022 50 projects of Electricity Industry Annual directory where nominations are now open.

The Power 50 is the annual guide to the most influential and innovative companies in the Fintech industry, as well as 10 of the wise and inspiring personalities who shape the sector.

For the fourth year in a row, 40 global advanced companies and 10 of the best companies in the world Fintech influencers will be selected for the exclusive annual programme, which highlights those who are driving change and innovation in the financial services industry.

In addition to showcasing the latest technology in the Fintech world, Fintech Power 50 acts as a hub that actively promotes its members to a global audience by offering networking opportunities and customized events. Being a part of Fintech Power 50 is not an award, but rather a great recommendation tool and testament to the work that individuals and companies are doing to help the sector innovate and grow.

Until March 1, industry members can nominate fintech companies and industry people from anywhere in the world they believe are worthy of appearing in this year’s program. The nominees for both commercial and industrial influencers will then be revealed, with the public invited to vote online until the beginning of June. The members will be announced at a launch event on July 11th.

Not only will the 2022 batch winners be shown, but businesses and individuals will also be given access to the trusted Fintech Power 50 network of fintech companies and leaders. Benefits include guest appearances on webinars, podcasts, and panels, and the opportunity to contribute thought-leading articles to fintech times Invitations to industry networking events and talent acquisition support.

The 2021 batch included some of the biggest and most influential names in the fintech world, with Ron Schifflin Significant global impact in the field of fintech, Theodora Lau, whose work seeks to stimulate innovation to improve consumer financial well-being, Jim Maros, an internationally recognized financial industry strategist and Britt King, Futurist and famous speaker.

In terms of business, some of the influential fintech companies on the 2021 list included a mobile identity verification specialist Jumio, Money Hub, Money management app, the open European banking platform tink, And Global processing servicesPayment processing partner.

Mark Walker Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer said: “We are excited to begin the nomination process for the Fintech Power 50 2021 for the fourth consecutive year. As always, we aim to recognize the game-changers who are making a difference in our industry and look forward to providing industry members the opportunity to share and highlight the people and companies they believe are shaping the FinTech industry.

“Not only do we showcase amazing companies and individuals around the world who are innovatively shaping the future of the Fintech industry, but Fintech Power 50 also provides real help and support to every member for an entire year. We are here to help our group transform the industry for the better, and I look forward to receiving Nominations for our potential future members.

Nominations for “The Fintech Power 50 2021” will close on March 1, with online voting available until June 6. The final batch will be announced in July. To nominate yourself or someone else, fill out the short form here.

To learn more about The Fintech Power 50, visit or view the 2021 Fintech Power 50 listing at

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