The Truth About Norton 360’s Crypto Miner

Something strange is going on with him Norton. A name synonymous with cybersecurity, the company seems to have had it all. VPNs, LifeLock, cloud backups, and parental controls. But a crypto miner? For many who use its services, this has become an unwelcome and disturbing new reality.

There is no doubt for people familiar with the industry that cryptocurrency is getting stronger. Cases of its use have been widely identified, and many continue to explore the endless possibilities it offers.

Among these new explorations is our familiar friend Norton. Back in June 2021, the antivirus provider loudly announced that it would introduce a new feature that would allow Norton 360 security group customers to mine cryptocurrency; It is Ethereum.

At first, this seemingly innocent new feature has now drawn a backlash from those who have come across it.

Service details

Before we move quickly, there are a few things to know about Norton 360’s new cryptocurrency mining capabilities. First, the service is not static and will not run continuously if directed. Despite the reported lack of transparency regarding the presence of the miner when the software is first installed, users can opt in or out of its functionality.

This means that your GPU will not lag as it is harvesting Ethereum in the background, as long as you deactivate the miner. In this way, it is not an endless and uncontrollable background feature, but one that users can control.

But what really pissed people off with this new feature is the cutting it requires. Where most miners will take between one and three percent on average, Norton has decided to grab a hefty 15 percent commission of all cryptocurrencies being mined.

Matjaž Škorjanc, founder of NiceHash
Matjak Shkorjank

Norton prove Its cryptocurrency miner by default on your PC, although it is not enabled until you agree to it,” Matjak Shkorjank, Founder nicehash explains. “The idea is that your computer’s power is then used to mine Ethereum when it’s idle. Sounds great? Not that fast. Norton takes 15 percent of the crypto-mined for themselves, and Signing up isn’t free either. “

Furthermore, users deposit their coins into Etherium via CoinBaseand, if you want to exchange it for another currency, you can bet the bottom dollar, or ethereum in this case, that the operation will incur high transaction fees; It is charged by the Ethereum network itself.

You are also paid in ETH which is notorious for high transaction fees,” Škorjanc continues. This means that you will have to wait for a very long time before you can even transfer your mined crypto to an exchange or use it. There are many complaints about this in Forums All over the internet already. “

And if anything is ever more straightforward, Norton’s customer base is overtaken by this unusual move. Although cryptocurrencies are experiencing a golden age, the move is seen by many as an exploit, as the company climbed onto the bandwagon with the specific goal of collecting profits.

Josh Sandow, Co-Founder of the First NFT Consulting Service in Europe
Josh Sandow

“I think they see a small opportunity for additional profits,” he said. josh SanduCo-founder of the first NFT advisory service in Europe how many Gallery Tell the financial technology times. “Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, so it is clear that they feel confident enough to offer their pool of mining software.

“As Cryptocurrency becomes more popular, we will continue to see the ways in which older and more established companies enter the arena. In this case, mining software is pooled and an additional way to generate revenue.”

Bad taste, bad energy

The launch of this product is clearly overwhelmed with a cold welcome. Aside from the annoyingly high commission Norton snatches from it, there is another aspect that its developers fail to take into account, such as the level of power consumption involved in the process which will ultimately fall to the user.

Having covered the relationship between coding and the resources it requires, it is clear that this aspect cannot be underestimated or marginalized. Although the Ethereum network has reduced its overall energy consumption with the launch of ETH 2.0, the production of the coin and its transactions still require more than 100,000 energy. Visa transactions.

Sandhu reiterates this concern: “There are other implications of these actions, which are the energy use and climate impact when mining Ethereum. It’s clearly a profit-driven decision, and to be completely honest, the average user using this probably won’t see any benefit. Yes, they might make some Ethereum, but their power bill will probably eat a lot of that. Plus, the GPU will work a bit harder so its life will go down. All of that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

“I really and truly believe that if companies decide to join this market, they not only have a responsibility to consumers for not being taken advantage of, but they also have to take into account the very real impact on the climate.”

For Škorjanc, Norton’s latest move isn’t sweet: Norton Crypto. Just those two words together really sound wrong. For more than a decade, companies like NiceHash, which provides secure, token-signed mining software to millions of people, have struggled with antivirus companies blocking legitimate mining products. Then someone decides in Norton Let’s add our miner to our antivirus. The joke is on them, because they clearly haven’t done enough research on how PC and cryptocurrency mining works.

Norton is also not well known for offering ‘light’ software. Most readers probably realize that as soon as Norton 360’s big yellow window appears, it instantly pushes your GPU usage to 300 percent capacity, and you can go make a sandwich while waiting for your email inbox to open your.

For comparison purposes, NiceHash QuickMiner only takes 2 percent and is a one-click mining software, but the user has complete control over their hardware and settings at any time. This is very important when mining on a home computer, and even on high-end gaming PCs, because GPUs can overheat quickly if not monitored properly.The fact that Norton does not allow any settings changes is a dangerous model that can easily damage customers’ devices.

“Add to that the fact that Norton will introduce thousands of newcomers to the cryptocurrency world and give them a very poor first experience, I am really struggling to see any benefit to end users or the mining industry as a whole. Perhaps a small percentage of them will look elsewhere for mining software.”

Only time will tell if Norton made the right move here, but at least spectators will hope the developers will take the industry’s cold shoulder to truly master the new miner, and hopefully they will move forward in the future with more welcoming development.

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