SplashLearn- Free Math Games for Kindergarten to Grade 5

SplashLearn (formerly Splash Math) is a game-based platform that provides co-curricular materials to teach mathematics to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers can create classes and invite their students to join them using a unique digital code. SlpashLearn allows you to create different types of assignments and assessments and provides you with tools to track student progress, share performance reports with parents, and plan diverse and individual learning paths for students.

SplashLearn can be used in both classroom and distance learning settings (as well as in flipped, blended classrooms). Educators can use the platform to design and conduct formative and summative assessments, provide didactic practice for specific mathematical skills, supplement classroom instruction, promote independent and self-directed learning for students, and much more.

Here is a quick SplashLearn review. The purpose of this review is to introduce you to some of the key features of SplashLearn and share educational videos and resources to help you get the most out of this platform in your instructables. More specifically, this guide covers the following points:

  • What is Splash Learn?
  • How to create a class in SplashLearn?
  • SplashLearn Student Login
  • What is Home Access and how is it enabled for students?
  • How do you create assignments on SplashLearn?
  • How do you define ratings?
  • Classroom Reports
  • What are Splash Learn Tutorials?
  • Is Splash Learn free?

How to create a class in SplashLearn?

SplashLearn allows you to create classes and invite students to join them. To create a class, lLog in to your teacher account, and from the dashboard, click Class and Select Add category. Choose whether you want to import a class from Google Classroom or Clever, or create a new class from scratch. For the last option, type in the name of the class, choose the grade level (K-5) and click Create new class. You can then easily students you in class by adding their names or Copy and paste from a spreadsheet.
Watch this video to learn more about how to set up a class on SplashLearn
Watch this video to learn how to import your class from Google Classroom.

SplashLearn Student Login

There are two ways that students can access SplashLearn: with a class code or through parental access. Class Code is the digital code that teachers create for classes they create on SplashLearn. Students can register and use the 6-digit class code to join. Once in, they can select their own profile and enter their passwords. From the Student Dashboard, students can access the My Teacher Assigned Assignment card. My homework assignments include both homework and class assignments.

Watch the video below to learn more about student login to SplashLearn.

What is Home Access and how is it enabled for students?

Home Access is a feature used by many game-based platforms (eg Quizalize, Kahoot, Quizlet, Blooket, Quizizz) Use to allow students to work on their assignments at home and at their own pace.

Home access is a core feature of SlashLearn and can be used to supplement teaching that takes place in the classroom and to engage parents in student learning through shared reporting. Home Access also allows parents to access student-specific content for students. To enable Home Access, head over to your SplashLearn teacher account and click the Home Access tab. Next, enter the email address of the student’s parents and click To send an invitation link to the main page.

How do you create assignments on SplashLearn?

Assignments are especially useful for giving students more opportunities to practice and master a particular skill. To create a new assignment, teachers sign in to their teacher account, click Assign, and select a new assignment. Choose from assignments aligned with the curriculum and click Assess.

Depending on the purpose of your assignment, SplashLearn gives you the option to assign assignments to specific students (for example, those who need help practicing a specific skill) or the entire class. Teachers can keep track of assigned activities. They can monitor class progress on assigned activities and can also reset, edit, or delete tasks.

How do you define ratings?

The assessment feature in SplashLearn allows teachers to identify learning gaps at a specific skill level and to assess students’ understanding of the material being taught. Teachers can use assessment reports to differentiate teaching/learning and to design personalized intervention plans.

To assign an assessment, log in to your teacher account, and click Assessment on the left side. Select New Assessment and choose from the options there. The assessment covers major areas of mathematics including addition and subtraction, measurement and data, counting and rhythm, and geometry.

Classroom Reports

SplashLearn offers three types of reports: daily activity report, class progress, and student progress. In the daily Activity Reports Teachers can access detailed statistics about students’ activities in a SplashLearn class including who’s logged in and who’s been absent, and “how much time they spent learning, what they learned, and how well they did it.”

Student progress report It provides insights into each student’s progress to help teachers identify learning gaps and in planning individual remedial action. Classroom progress reports Enables teachers to monitor the performance of the whole class. Teachers can also email student reports to parents and let them keep them Track their children’s learning progress. To do this, teachers need to add parental email addresses for the respective students.

What are Splash Learn Tutorials?

SplashLearn offers a variety of interactive teaching tools to enhance classroom (and distance) teaching. From a virtual ruler to teach measurement to an interactive clock to introduce the skill of telling time to your students, there are a range of tools to aid in classroom teaching.

Watch this video to learn more about SplashLearn’s teaching tools.

Is Splash Learn free?

SplashLearn is free for classrooms and teachers. There is a premium version with full access to all features for free. However, for students to unlock all content on SplashLearn, they need a premium subscription: a quarterly plan for $35.99 or an annual subscription for $89.99.

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