Senior System Design Engineer At Volvo Group

Join Powertrain Engineering as a leader in the exciting journey of developing the future Volvo range of Powertrains.

This is us, your new colleagues at Powertrain Engineering (PE)

  • We are proud product owners of components and systems as well as complete powertrains.
  • We are responsible for managing the lifecycle of our products, from advanced engineering, to product development to the maintenance phase. Advanced conventional combustion engines still represent the majority of our product base, however the share of e-mobility solutions is steadily increasing.

Main Responsibilities / Tasks

The E&E team within Powertrain Engineering BLR is responsible for the delivery of powertrain electronic components and systems for truck brands within Volvo Group Trucks technology.

Systems Engineering provides strong technical leadership for powertrain engineering, requirements management, and communication with vehicle strategies and diagnostics. These strategies are then detailed in the system specifications that support the goals of our platform.

Work summary

The Senior System Design Engineer, within the Electrical and Electronics team, develops the powertrain system from the concept stage. This role is to ensure that the necessary system activities are identified and implemented within each task to ensure the delivery and maintenance of a fully functional and consistent energy efficiency system.

The Senior System Engineer covers the project from the quotation stage to maintenance.

Responsibilities / Responsibilities

  • Responsible for acting as the leader of system activities for various projects of different complexities responsible for QDCF
  • The need to plan and follow up on deliveries from the E&E team and multiple functions (operations, after sales, etc.) to secure all deliveries both locally and globally
  • Building global relationships and networks to ensure good working order and timely reporting
  • Be able to lead project estimates through comprehensive technical evaluation and impact analysis and thus create a complete evaluation in terms of quality, schedules, costs and benefit/scope.
  • Understand the different architectures, roadmaps, HW & SW components involved in E&E systems and functions to be able to identify technical impacts within the mission scope
  • A good network within the global PE organization will be an asset
  • Ensure that system development is carried out in accordance with defined system development processes and methods and is driven within the team
  • Plan and control all system activities and outputs in each mission of the global system organization.
  • To identify necessary system activities and outputs
  • To undertake resource estimates for the identified activities and report to the Recruitment Leader/PME after liaising with line managers within the global system organization
  • Plan and prioritize activities and deliverables within the project/product scope
  • Regularly monitor progress, issues and open issues within the assignment and ensure they are addressed and reported
  • To escalate issues that need support/help from line or project management
  • Risk management of system activities within each task. This responsibility includes;
  • Plan and track the use of quality methods and tools on projects, through appropriate problem identification, RCA, FMEA, etc.
  • To work continuously while identifying risks within the scope of the assignment
  • To analyze the identified risks and ensure that actions are taken to reduce the likelihood of the risk occurring and/or minimizing its consequences
  • To communicate risks clearly and proactively to stakeholders
  • Ensure appropriate and timely communication within the system team (if applicable) and with stakeholders.
  • Securing the interface using Agile methodologies that actively seek to use JIRA.
  • Ensure that pre-study/concept reports and project technical reports are written, reviewed and issued.
  • Lead the distribution of technical requirements to other parts of the organization.
  • Ensure that documents are reviewed and issued according to specified procedures.
  • Check if a new baseline for the energy efficiency system needs to be released as a result of system development within the assignment.
  • Escalate activities that are not developed in accordance with approved methods or that are too risky and will jeopardize QDCF for the task

additional information

Education, experience, knowledge and skills

  • BE / BTech / ME / Mtech in Electrical / Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Experience: 6 to 7 years
  • Good experience in the field of integrated car control systems
  • Expert knowledge in systems engineering
  • Knowledge of truck application
  • Know the safe/flexible way of working. Leading SAFe certification feature will be added
  • Knowledge in career development and troubleshooting
  • Knowledge within related processes and tools.

leadership competencies

  • technical learning
  • Action oriented to
  • Learn on the fly
  • Good communication skills
  • Good documentation skills
  • Leadership skills and must be able to lead others.
  • professional skills
  • multitasking
  • define the priorities
  • Experience in multifunctional management
  • Demonstrate a strong self in learning
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