System Test Professional (R&D) At Siemens In Goa

We enhance the way we live and work by intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings and industries!!

Siemens smart infrastructure makes the world a more connected and caring place – where resources are valued, where the impact on the world is considered, and where sustainable energy is delivered reliably and efficiently. It provides resilient infrastructure to allow society to evolve and respond to changing conditions. Technology and people’s creativity come together to be in one place with our environment and take care of our world. We do this from the macro level to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to cloud-based connected digital offerings and services. Siemens offers a wide range of network control and automation. Low and medium voltage power distribution, switching and control; Building automation, safety and fire security, HVAC system control, and energy solutions.

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We are looking for a candidate who will consult with Product Managers and R&D Project Managers in defining requirements regarding the possibility of testing requirements

  • Performs requirements verification, ensuring that requirements data are complete and in compliance with the power and automation system protection field.
  • Review testing procedures May design and perform complex tests and participate in design reviews. Identifies potential technical problems or design flaws and determines a use case for system conditions.
  • Participates in the development/implementation of product development processes and tools and supports methods of component reuse across designs and/or projects.
  • Analyzes customer feedback and external issues reported in the product portfolio, and interacts with internal partners such as support representatives, developers, technical writers, project managers, and quality assurance staff.
  • Communicate with external laboratories to provide appropriate clarification for product approval and certification.

professional knowledge

  • Proficiency in designing test case using power system simulators such as Omicron / OCC scripting / TMW TCL scripts / Python scripts.
  • Experienced in product qualification/validation of embedded products and systems.
  • Knowledge of software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools, and peer review.
  • Proficiency in test automation concepts using either the Control Center framework or Selenium/Robot frameworks.
  • Knowledge of protocol verification and other remote control protocols for control center communications.
  • Sufficient knowledge is required in understanding voltage disturbances, power system reliability, earthing system, power system tolerances and product reliability concepts.
  • Understanding of SCADA systems, remote control protocols and 3GPP standards along with strong documentation and writing skills.

Desired knowledge

  • Detailed knowledge of continuous integration and continuous deployment of DevOps concepts (CI and CD)
  • Learn about wireless communication methods and protocols (Zigbee, IPSEC, GPRS, 2.4GHz Short Range Radio)
  • Basic knowledge of the effect of electromagnetic/climatic effects on hardware and firmware.
  • Detailed knowledge of how a power system product is developed and concepts such as power harmonics and associated adverse effects on power systems.

We are seeking an EBE/ME in Electronics and Communications/Electrical Engineering with a proven track record and proven ability of 8-10 years of proven experience in Distribution Automation or Protection.

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