PlayPosit-Interactive Videos to Engage Students (Teacher Full Review)

PlayPosit is an educational platform that allows you to create interactive video lessons, called LEDs, using videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Panopto, and many other video hosting sources. You can add different interactive features to videos and create immersive learning experiences for your students.

You can create a class on PlayPosit and invite students to join. You can set LEDs and monitor student progress. PlayPosit also allows you to host live lights for the whole class to watch and interact with. As such, PlayPosit is definitely a good alternative to Edpuzzle.

PlayPosit Review for Educators

In this review post, I introduce you to PlayPosit and share with you some of the ways to use it in your classroom. More specifically, the review covers the following points:

  • Best practices for using PlayPosit in your teaching
  • PlayPosit ميزات Features
  • How do you use PlayPosit in your classroom?
  • How to create a Class on PlayPosit?
  • How do you add students to your class in PlayPosit?
  • How do you look for ready-made bulbs?
  • What is PlayPosit Broadcasting?
  • How much does PlayPosit cost?

Best practices for using PlayPosit in your teaching

When designing PlayPosit tutorial videos, keep the following in mind:

Duration: Interactive videos and flashlights should preferably be shorter. In fact, according to the folks at the University of Arizona’s InTech Center, videos should be “about six minutes or less.”

✅ Purpose: State clearly the purpose of using interactive videos in your teaching. Use the SAMR template to help guide your educational practices in this regard. Try to answer the following questions: Are you using LEDs to replace a task you would normally do without using technology (replacement level) or to create transformative learning experiences and improve student learning (eg, redefinition level).

✅ Don’t overload the interactive features. Sometimes a little is better. Between one interaction and the next, give the students enough time to absorb the content in the video. Interruptions in frequently asked questions can be detrimental to students’ overall learning.

✅ Use PlayPosit’s preview feature to preview interactive videos before sharing them with your students. Preferably, run through the bulb yourself or ask a colleague to view it. This will help you identify and address any potential problems and will also test the effectiveness of your questions.

✅ Create “free-flowing”, step-free lights that provide students with the ability to interact with video content in a more relaxing and stress-free environment. LEDs don’t necessarily need degrees all the time.

PlayPosit ميزات Features

Here is a list of some useful features that PlayPosit provides:

  • Add automatically categorized interactions to your lights such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and check all.
  • Bulbs can also include different types of interactions such as discussion forums, reflexive pauses, free response questions, URLs, videos,
  • Teachers can add notes (eg notes, clarifications, comments…etc) for each answer choice
  • Create interactive videos from the compilation of different videos
  • LEDs can be created from uploaded videos, recorded videos, or videos from popular video hosting platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Use PlayPosit preset lights to assign interactive videos to students
  • Trim and crop the parts you want to exclude from your videos
  • Add a comment to your videos. Upload caption files to your LEDs
  • Create classrooms, invite students to join, and assign lamps to work on them
  • Use the Monitor tool to access student performance data and track their learning

How do you use PlayPosit in your classroom?

Here are some practical suggestions to help you take advantage of PlayPosit’s educational capabilities:

✅ Create interactive videos (bulbs) for use in in-person and remote teaching.

Record screenshots and tutorials that guide students through the processes of solving a learning problem, explain a complex phenomenon, show how to use a teaching tool, etc.

✅ Conduct formative assessments using LEDs. Create interactive videos about the topics you taught in class and include different forms of interactions (eg, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, etc.) to check students’ understanding. Use PlayPosit Analytics to access performance reports, identify learning gaps, and address design.

✅ Use the lights to promote participation and drive participation in class activities. Have the students create lamps for book reviews, presentations, storytelling projects, etc.

✅ Encourage students to create their own lamps to share with the whole class. This can be in the form of a presentation, tutorial, or a small peer-to-peer lesson.

✅ Use discussion forums in your interactive videos to provide students with a virtual space where they can interact collaboratively with video content and learn from each other. The discussion forum is a great feature for improving the learning community in the classroom. How it works is simple: choose Discussion from the list of interactive features, ask your question and select the length you want your question to appear. Students respond by making time-stamped comments.

✅ Use the poll features to collect student feedback on matters related to their own learning.

How to create a Class on PlayPosit?

PlayPosit allows you to create classes in your account and invite students to join them. To create a class in PlayPosit:

  • Log in to your teacher account
  • Click on My Classes from the left sidebar
  • Click “Create Your First Class”
  • Type a name for your class

How do you add students to your class in PlayPosit?

PlayPosit offers three options for adding students to your class:

1- chapter code

Copy the code generated for your class and share it with your students. With their username and password, students log into their account and click Join New Class. They paste the code into the search bar, select the class that appears, and click Join Class.

2- Students register to join your class

Copy the URL of the class you want students to join and share it with them via email or other media. When students click on the URL, they will be asked to sign in or create an account. Once they do that they will automatically join the class.

3- Upload your student list

You can easily add students to your class using the .csv list. Simply open your class, click on the Learners tab and select Add Learners. Click File to load your .csv list.

How do you look for ready-made bulbs?

PlayPosit offers a wide range of pre-made video lessons created and shared by other teachers. You can view, edit, and copy these LEDs to your own library. Here’s how to do it:

  • Log in to your teacher account
  • Select Ready-made Bulbs from the left sidebar
  • Search lamps by keywords, tags, creator name, lamp, etc.
  • When you find the lamp that interests you, click on the thumbnail or the three-dot icon to either preview the lamp or copy it to your library.

What is PlayPosit Broadcasting?

Broadcasting is PlayPosit’s service for sharing live lights with the entire class. How it works is easy: you can share the lamp on the projector for the whole class so students can display it and students provide answers to interactions from their own devices. As a teacher, you can control the pace, step in with additions and clarifications, and access student responses in real time.

As the lamp progresses, you can monitor the progress of the students. You can see how many students answered the questions, the questions they selected, and many more. You can also use the PlayPosit scorebook to access detailed analytical insights into student performance data.

To start a live flashlight, sign in to your teacher account, click My Bulbs from the left sidebar and choose a flashlight and then click broadcast. The lamp will open in a new window. Click to copy the URL of the lamp to share with your students. To set how students join the lamp, you can choose from these options:

  • No login required: Allows students to complete a broadcast lamp without having to login to PlayPosit.
  • Does not require the learner’s name: Generates a URL that does not require the learner to enter their name before the start of the broadcast bulb. Their response will be stored in the gradebook as ‘Anonymous’.
  • Show QR Code: A QR code will be generated and displayed on the screen to share with the learners. This QR code will change dynamically depending on which option toggle switches are selected to broadcast. Click the image to copy the QR code into Notepad to share.

How much does PlayPosit cost?

PlayPosit offers free and premium licenses. The free version offers limited features including: 100 learner attempts, no live video upload, no recording, use only YouTube or Vimeo videos in LEDs, and more.

Premium licenses include:

  • Classroom Pro ($144/year): for individual teachers and offers unlimited learner attempts, upload videos, advanced lamp customization options, analytics, and more.
  • The other two premium licenses offered by PlayPosit include:Institutional Licensing And Enterprise license.

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