TeacherMade Adds New Feedback Types and Makes Pro Features Free!

TeacherMade is a platform for creating interactive online assignments for your students. I first covered it in the fall of 2020 and since then its popularity has grown rapidly. One reason for this growth is that TeacherMade lets you take your existing favorite documents and turn them into automatically categorized online assignments. You can even use it to add audio to your document-based tasks.

As any good educational technology tool should do, TeacherMade has been constantly making improvements and adding features since its inception. The latest round of updates to TeacherMade includes some nice improvements to the way you can provide feedback to your students and the ways students can complete assignments.

Updates for teachers!
TeacherMade now provides you with the ability to record individual voice notes on student assignment submissions. You can now also draw and highlight student submissions. Doing so will make it easier for students to understand exactly what you are giving them. This can be especially useful when giving feedback on a task that contains large blocks of text. Finally, you can now reward your students with fun stickers and emojis to add to their submissions.

Updates for students!
Notes tool updates aren’t the only new things at TeacherMade in January. Right after the start of the year, TeacherMade introduced new options for creating and completing assignments. These new options include the ability to allow students to add mathematical expressions to any task, even those that don’t specifically list a math problem for students. This option may be useful for STEM assignments that contain open-ended questions or prompts.

Another update that was made in early January to the student experience in TeacherMade is an option to enable students to use special characters when completing assignments. This new option supports diacritics and special characters found in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Updates and resources for everyone!
TeacherMade is a company I’ve seen that listens to teachers’ feedback and does it as fast as possible. One of the places they get this feedback is on the TeacherMade community message board. There you can connect and share ideas with other teachers who use TeacherMade. There you’ll also find activities developed by the TeacherMade team and other teachers that you can copy, edit, and use in your classroom. For example, take a look at this set of activities to teach about Martin Luther King, Jr. This is a group of common holiday activities.

TeacherMade’s biggest news to date is that TeacherMade Pro will be free for all teachers for the next 60 days! This will give all teachers access to all TeacherMade features including syncing your Google Classroom lists with your TeacherMade account. Synchronizing the two accounts makes it very easy to publish TeacherMade activities as tasks in Google Classroom.

To access TeacherMade Pro, you do not need to do anything more than log into your existing TeacherMade account and follow the instructions to access the pro version. If you don’t already have a free TeacherMade account, it’s time to get one.

Great combination with the teacher
Canva and TeacherMade are a great combination for people who want to do great looking activities but don’t have an interest in design or the time to get them done. You can use any of the more than 2,000 worksheet templates offered by Canva and then import them into your TeacherMade account to create interactive online activities. Watch this video to see how easy this process is.

Disclosure: TeacherMade is currently an advertiser on FreeTech4Teachers.com

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