Top Celebrity NFT Marketplaces in the Industry

The NFT market is perhaps the most notable development to emerge from the nascent NFT industry. NFTs are the biggest craze to hit the digital world and people can’t get enough of them. Every day, more people are learning about NFTs and their benefits and want to buy them.

The NFT market offers this opportunity. Here, users can search for NFTs that catch their eye and buy whatever they like. In the meantime, sellers can transfer their digital assets to NFT and sell them on the market. They can communicate with buyers and sell them without relying on the participation of a third party. Early on, the NFT mint required users to understand blockchain technology. The NFT Marketplace has removed this requirement and made it easier for users to issue NFTs. The streamlined process has made the market accessible to a wider audience. Hence, more people see NFTs as a profitable venture.

Large corporations and corporations have seen the success of NFTs and decided to launch platforms rather than create NFTs. This way, users stream to their sites, create NFTs and generate revenue. The new concept led to the entry of several NFT markets into the industry and catered to a niche audience. 2021 was the year of the NFT and the year of the NFT markets. Listed below are some of the biggest NFT markets to come out of the industry.

Beeple’s popularity in the NFT industry soared after selling his “Everyday’s” digital asset for nearly seventy million US dollars. To date, it is the best selling NFT in the industry. The next big step for Beeple was the launch of the NFT platform where users can purchase premium moments in time. The initial sale features a set of moments created with Andy Murray, the 2013 Wimbledon Grand Slam winner.

Alternatively, here users can bid on NFTs that come in packages of twenty, fifty, and one hundred and five hundred. The idea behind WENEW is to create a platform that adds value and context to historical points in time. The platform bridges the gap between creators and their fans. Now, fans can establish a relationship with their favorite creators and collect their NFTs. Also, the site aims to provide meaning to every symbolic moment they sell.

  • Amitabh Bachchan – Beyond life

Amitabh Bachan made waves in the Bollywood industry when he announced that he is partnering with upcoming NFT market Guardian Link. The two worked together to launch a chain of cryptocurrency Artpunks called Big B Punks. Besides that was the opportunity to purchase autographed posters of previous Amitabh films.

Guardian Link NFT Marketplace is a branded marketplace where users can publish their work across multiple markets. The idea is to connect brands with audiences and create a platform where artists or brands can instantly create and publish their work.

Snoop Dogg has launched a new NFT series consisting of audio and video elements. NFTs are available for auction on SuperRare. His latest project is called Decentral Eyes Dog and the project is a collaboration with Koldy, a mixed media artist. Snoop Dogg has also lent his vocal talents to many NFT-themed lyrics. Play these words with some digital assets.

One of the most notable works of art is a portrait of a rapper made by assembling ten different images of his face. These photos come from different stages of his life, creating a collage of the rapper from where he is to where he is.

One of the most notable NFT fans is Gary Vayernchuk. Everyone who has listened to him or seen his appearance knows about his enthusiasm for NFTs. NFTs have considered a new era for creators because they believe that they can build relationships between creators and their audiences.

Gary took his enthusiasm to the next level when he launched ArtOfficial, an independent online auction platform for the NFT world. The platform is an NFT marketplace focused on giving well-known artists a digital platform to showcase and sell their work. It is also the perfect place to explore new media such as NFT and digital art. The first sale of the platform was a series of works by contemporary Italian artist Francesco Clemente.

Yuvraj Singh launched a premium group of NFT with Colexion. The company has a proven track record of launching NFTs for famous celebrities from the art and sports industry. Now, the company has created a set of exclusive NFT drops for respected cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

The NFT Market also contains a virtual museum. The museum showcases Yuvraj’s journey and his distinct NFTs have gained incredible traction from a global audience. Buyers here enjoy many perks such as winning exclusive merchandise for the cricketer and bowling with him. Also, fans can interact and earn incredible rewards such as memorabilia and autographed merchandise.


Anyone interested in purchasing NFTs is spoiled for choice in today’s digital age. There are so many opportunities out there that it’s hard to decide where to start. The five names listed here have seen the most sales in the industry and provide a good starting point for anyone looking to buy an NFT.

Every day we see new NFTs entering the industry, new NFTs entering the industry and more interest being generated in purchasing NFTs. NFTs are a great opportunity for anyone and you would miss the opportunity not to take advantage of this opportunity.


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