u-blox Introduces Two New LTE Cat 1 Module Platforms

u-blocksAnd Announced two additions to its LTE Cat 1 cellular portfolio. u-blox LARA-R6 It is the smallest LTE Cat 1 module with global coverage on the market. the U-Blox LENA-R8 It includes a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based receiver U Bloks M 10 a program. Together, the modules comprise five approved global, multi-region and regional product variants, simplifying logistics for product developers and increasing design flexibility.

The modules for device makers facing the imminent sunset of their 2G and 3G network provide a sure path of future transition to 4G technology for data streaming applications. Plus it offers MQTT Anywhere And MQTT Flex Connecting via the u-blox’s Thingstream platform is out of the box, thus enabling low-power, low-cost connectivity with seamless roaming everywhere globally.

LARA-R6 for maximum performance in tough undercover conditions

The LARA-R6 Professional Module Series features dual Rx (receiver) antennas for reliable signal reception in difficult coverage areas such as indoor spaces as well as for use cases that require VoLTE (Voice over LTE) communication. The security-focused module provides a foundation of trust, a secure boot, and a secure connection with regular security updates. Its unique set of features makes the LARA-R6 an ideal cellular modem for IT, tracking and health applications, as well as alarm panels, smart meters and point of sale devices.

The LARA-R6 series includes a globally approved variant with 18 LTE frequency bands and 2G/3G backup for global connectivity. It also includes a variant that is certified by North American mobile operators (AT&T, Verizon, FirstNet, or T-Mobile), as well as a multi-region variant for use in the EMEA, Asia Pacific, Japan, and Latin American and Caribbean markets, supporting all of the LTE required.

LENA-R8 for technology and cost-sensitive tracking use cases

The LENA-R8 Modular Series is aimed at customers in the tracking and technology markets looking to reduce costs associated with bills of materials and their data charges. The combined unit balances cost and performance with a single Rx antenna and is primarily targeted at customer deployments in EMEA, Asia Pacific and South America regions. The LENA-R8 supports a wide range of frequency bands with 2G back-up, providing maximum roaming coverage for global tracking applications using a single SKU.

One variant of the LENA-R8 series comes with an ultra-low power U-blox M10 GNSS receiver for high-performance asset tracking applications, reducing integration effort and time to market. Makes no compromises regarding GNSS performance, the unit can simultaneously receive up to four GNSS sets to maximize site availability.

All support variants of the LARA-R6 and LENA-R8 family cell locatingu-blox’s cellular network-based positioning service provides coarse positioning data even in the absence of GNSS signals.

β€œThe LARA-R6 and LENA-R8 are important additions to the LTE Cat 1 family, meeting the growing demand for small IoT solutions targeting global markets, with seamless roaming and low data costs. Both units provide global roaming with a single SKU, simplifying to Significantly Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The small size of both units gives product developers greater design flexibility and the ability to create smaller form factors,” says Drazen Drinic, Cellular Product Management at u-blox.

Engineering samples will be available in February.

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