11 Best Tool Chest Reviews in 2022

A tool chest is a great utility for organizing your tools and equipment. Whether you are a handyman, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional worker, you can definitely find the necessity of a decent toolbox in your day-to-day life. There are various types of toolboxes present in the market.

While some are large and heavy-duty options best suited for a workshop, some are extremely compact that are suitable for outdoor usage. In this article, we are going to talk about the best tool chests you can buy right from your home. There’s no need to visit multiple hardware shops and hustle to find the best option. Here, you will find the best tool chest along with all the necessary information, letting you know the details of each option. Here are some important factors that matter a lot when it comes to buying a tool chest.

  • Storage Capacity: The very first thing you need to consider is the overall capacity of the toolbox you are buying. You should decide the capacity of the tool chest based on the number of tools and equipment you are going to store in it. If you are planning to store large power tools, you will certainly require a larger box with more drawers and cabinet space. On the other hand, if you only have a handful of compact tools and a set of accessories, you can choose smaller options with more compartments for better storage.

  • Durability: The build quality of the tool chest is yet another important factor, especially if you are planning to use the tool chest outdoors. For that, you must check the material used for the construction of the box. Usually, chests are made up of alloy steel which performs the best. Apart from the exterior damage, there is also internal damage caused by the rumbling of the tools stored in the chest. On top of that, you need to make sure that the box is weatherproof and comes with an IP rating. You can also prefer one that is scratch-proof for even better reliability.
  • Applicability: The applicability of the tool chest is based on how you are going to use it. If you are planning to use the tool chest on a certain job location, then the best option for you will be a highly durable yet compact tool chest. However, large tool chests are a great option for a garage or a workshop as they can hold a lot more tools as well as house larger machinery. Most compact tool chests offer dedicated handles that make them easier for carrying around.

By considering the factors mentioned above and some more, we have curated the following list of the best tool chests right here. You can go through our picks one by one and find all the necessary information present alongside a brief review of the tool chest. If you need any more help, feel free to check out our Buying Guide for the best tool chest present right after our selection of the best tool chests.

Best Tool Chest 2022

Best Tool Chest Reviews

1. Goplus 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Goplus Tool ChestA lot of users prefer buying an expensive accessory such as a tool chest from a reputed brand. Thus, we will start off our list with the most popular brand called Goplus.

Coming in the 1st position, we have the Goplus Rolling Tool Chest. This is quite a popular option as it is a budget-friendly option that offers a lot of storage capacity for the price. It features a large chest that comes with 6 drawers and a cabinet at the bottom. It is made up of high-quality cold-rolled steel, so build quality is certainly not a concern. It also has an anti-rust coating on top to prevent all sorts of environmental damage. In total, there are 4 small drawers and 2 large drawers available along with 2 small trays.

The upper box storage on the Goplus Rolling Tool Chest is completely detachable from the set, serving as a portable unit in case you have to carry your tools with you. All of the drawers on the Goplus Rolling Tool Chest are secured by a key lock so that your tools will be safe even when you are not at your office or workshop. The Goplus Rolling Tool Chest also has 4 swivel casters that let you easily move the unit.

Best Features

  • Tool chest is 13 x 24.5 x 43.5 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 6 drawers
  • The top section is removable
  • Swivel casters to allow free movement


  • Highly affordable option for the given size
  • It comes with a large cabinet to store high capacity equipment
  • Anti-rust coating on all sides


  • More drawers should have been provided

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2. High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest

On Shine Tool ChestIf you are looking for an even higher capacity tool chest in the same budget range, then the following option from On Shine can be perfect for you. It comes with a lot of drawers, letting you organize your tools correctly.

In 2nd place, we have the On Shine Rolling Tool Chest. It is in a similar budget range as our last pick. But, the On Shine Rolling Tool Chest offers a total of 8 drawers along with an additional cabinet for more storage. Overall, the unit measures about 13 x 24.4 x 42.5 inches in size and is made up of stainless steel for heavy durability. The unit is also covered with anti-rust paint from all sides so you can use it in all seasons without any problem. And as the exterior is covered by powder coating, it is also scratch and dent-proof.

In total, the unit has 3 small drawers, 5 trays, and a bottom cabinet for storage. Thus, categorizing and storing your tools should not be a problem. Similar to most other tool chests present in the market, the On Shine Rolling Tool Chest also has swivel casters at the bottom that allows free movement of the unit.

But, there 2 of these casters are fixed and the swivel ones feature a braking mechanism for controlled movement. As for the drawers, each of the 8 drawers present on this chest has ball bearings on the inside so that they operate very smoothly.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 13 x 24.4 x 42.5 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 8 drawers
  • The top section is removable
  • Swivel casters with braking mechanism


  • Offers great storage space for the price
  • Build quality is pretty good
  • Breaking mechanism to avoid unnecessary movement


  • A bit more expensive than our previous pick

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3. CRAFTSMAN Tool Chest Combo

CRAFTSMAN Tool ChestCraftsman is also a pretty well-known brand name when it comes to professional tools and accessories. If you already own a handful of tools made by Craftsman, the following tool chest from the same brand will house your collection nicely.

In the 3rd position, we are putting the Craftsman Tool Chest. While it is also one of our budget-friendly picks for the best tool chest, the Craftsman Tool Chest also happens to be one of the strongest options you will find today. This tool chest is made up of alloy steel and the construction is done by 20 – 24 gauge steel for long-lasting durability. In the package, you will find the tool chest as well as a large cabinet for storing larger tools. Even with the heavy build quality, the unit only weighs about 30 lbs.

Each of the 5 drawers present on the Craftsman Tool Chest offers a smooth and stutter-free motion thanks to the ball bearing present inside each drawer. Also, the drawers are full-extension drawers so that you easily put and remove the tools from the drawers. The total load rating for the Craftsman Tool Chest goes up to 300 lbs, making it suitable for the heaviest of your tools. The unit measures about 18.25 x 30.94 x 32.35 inches which is quite compact for a tool chest. Craftsman is also offering a 3 year warranty period to ensure reliability.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 18.25 x 30.94 x 32.35 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 5 drawers
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty period
  • Offers a load capacity of 300 lbs


  • Compact design, suitable for small workshops and home garage
  • Drawers are full-extension with ball bearing for smooth movement
  • Comes with a long warranty period


  • The unit has only 5 drawers

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4. BIG RED ANTBD133-XB Torin 20″ 3 Drawer Steel

BIG RED Tool ChestNow that you are familiar with some of the most popular options in the market for a large tool chest, let’s talk about compact options. Out of which, the following option from BIG RED is the most affordable choice.

Even small-sized tool boxes these days cost a lot. Fortunately, there are brands like BIG RED that are offering cheap yet reliable options for a toolbox. The BIG RED ANTBD133-XB is a significantly smaller tool chest that measures nearly 20.47 x 8.58 x 11.81 inches in size. Even within such a compact form factor, you will find 3 drawers for better storage capacity.

The box itself is secured by metal latches on top so that the tools won’t get out due to shock and impact. It is a very heavy-duty box that is completely made out of thick steel and covered with red paint powder coating. Even within this form factor, BIG RED is offering ball bearing inside the drawers for a smooth and flawless movement. You will also find an ergonomic handle on top which makes it easier for you to carry the box around.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 20.47 x 8.58 x 11.81 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel and metal
  • Features 3 drawers
  • Comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle on top
  • Powder-coated with red paint


  • Drawers are equipped with smooth ball bearing
  • The best and most affordable choice for portable usage
  • Metal latches to secure the top section


  • A bit heavier compared to other portable options

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5. Safstar 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

SAFSTAR Tool Chest

Coming back to large-sized tool chests, we have yet another high-capacity option designed by Safestar. The following option features a lot of storage space that might be what you need.

The Safstar Rolling Tool Chest is one of the high-capacity options we have picked for our picks of the best tool chests. This option measures nearly 13 x 23.5 x 52 inches in size, making it one of the tallest tool chests on this selection. Within that, it offers 6 drawers and 2 large cabinets for free storage space. The middle section of the tool chest is detachable, allowing you to use the middle, top, or bottom separately. You can also fit the top box inside the bottom one for easier transportation.

The Safstar Rolling Tool Chest features 4 universal wheels at the bottom that can swivel in a 360-degree range to offer free movement of the unit. 2 of these wheels are also lockable so that you can get a firm storage space while you are using the unit. And to help you move the unit around, you get a large handle on the side. The Safstar Rolling Tool Chest is made up of cold-rolled steel and covered with a powder coating finish, ensuring its long lifespan.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 13 x 23.5 x 52 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 6 drawers
  • Cold rolled steel used in construction
  • Detachable middle section


  • The unit is divided into 3 sections for better portability
  • It offers 2 large cabinets for better storage
  • One of the tallest tool chests in this selection


  • Additional cabinet might not be useful for everyone

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6. Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Lockable Rolling Cabinet

Seville Classics Tool ChestComing to the most premium option on our picks, we have a tool chest designed by Seville. This is arguably the largest option on our picks today with heavy-duty construction and builds quality.

The Seville Classics UltraHD is definitely the best thing for a professional workshop or office. It is basically a working table combined with a tool chest to offer 2-in1 functionality. The tool chest itself is made up of stainless steel whereas the top section is made up of hardwood. Therefore, you get both, a smooth working surface and an unbeatable build quality. The unit measures 72 x 20 x 37.5 inches in size so make sure that it will fit in your working space before you buy it.

With the large size, the Seville Classics UltraHD also offers a lot of drawers alongside a large cabinet in the middle. There are a total of 12 drawers present on this unit, each covered with a protective layer on the inside. Therefore, you can rest assured that your tools will be safe and sharp inside these drawers. There are 8 small drawers, 3 medium drawers, and a single large cabinet, allowing you to categorize your tools with ease. You can also adjust the height of the Seville Classics UltraHDas within 4 positions as per your comfort.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 72 x 20 x 37.5 inches in size
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Features 12 drawers
  • Features 5 inches hard rubber wheels at the bottom
  • Allows height adjustment within 4 positions


  • Largest tool chest from our picks
  • Features a lot of storage space
  • Large wheels are provided for easier transportation


  • Significantly more expensive than other options

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7. Grizzly Industrial H0837-3-Drawer Middle Chest

Grizzly Industrial Tool ChestWhile we are talking about the most premium brands in the market, let us introduce the following option from Grizzly. As you may already know, the products made by Grizzly are quite premium, yet offer a longer lifespan with the best build quality.

If you frequently travel with a lot of tools and are tired of replacing your toolbox from time to time, stop right here. The Grizzly Industrial H0837-3 is definitely the best choice for your application. Even though the Grizzly Industrial H0837 measures only 12 x 26 x 9.88, it costs nearly as much as a full-sized tool chest. The reason behind that has to be its extremely durable build quality. It is completely made up of aluminum, making it a reliable choice for all seasons.

On top of that, the Grizzly Industrial H0837 is powder coated with Grizzly’s exclusive Grizzly Green finish which offers an even longer lifespan with a nice looking aesthetic of the box. However, the storage capacity on the Grizzly Industrial H0837 is not that great. As it is a highly compact option, it only offers 3 drawers that are comparatively smaller in size. Still, you can easily store basic equipment such as screwdrivers, drill bits, and other similar tools in the Grizzly Industrial H0837. The box also features ergonomic handles on both sides with a flat surface on top that can be used as a working surface.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 12 x 26 x 9.88 inches in size
  • Made up of aluminum
  • Features 3 drawers
  • Flat working surface present on top
  • Ergonomic handles on the sides


  • Powder-coated with Grizzly Green finish
  • The top drawer can be locked for better security
  • Premium build quality


  • Costs almost as much as a full-sized tool chest

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8. Husky Extra Deep 46 in. 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench

Husky Tool ChestWe have one more highly premium option designed by Husky Tools. Apart from the premium price tag, the following option is known for its storage space and multipurpose functionality.

The Husky Tools Mobile Workbench, as the name suggests, is a lot more than a simple tool chest. In fact, it is a completely usable workbench on wheels that happens to have a lot of storage space within. It is rather a decent tool chest since it offers 24.5 inches deep drawers. In that, you can store almost all of your tools and you will still have some space left for additional sets.

In comparison, the Husky Tools Mobile Workbench is almost twice as deep as other standard tool chests, offering you nearly 36% more storage capacity. The additional depth also increases the working space available on the hardwood top. In total, there are 9 drawers present on the Husky Tools Mobile Workbench so that you can divide your tools into various categories. For mobility, there are 4 wheels provided at the bottom of the unit so that you can shift your workbench to another location without a lot of hassle.

Best Features

  • Mobile workbench along with storage compartments
  • Made up of wood and steel
  • Features 9 drawers
  • Hardwood working surface on top with a lot of working space
  • Drawers have 100 lbs load capacity


  • Combines the function of a tool chest and a working bench into one
  • Can be easily shifted to another location
  • Wheels can support up to 1200 lbs load


  • Very expensive option for the given storage space

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9. Suny Deals 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest

Suny Deals Tools ChestComing back to budget-focused options, we have our next tool chest from Suny Deals. This tool chest Also features removable cabinets for better portability.

The Suny Deals rolling tool chest is a 5 drawer tool chest that you will get within a very reasonable price range.  On top of that, the unit is divided into 2 parts, making it feasible for outdoor users as well. And as it is made up of high-quality alloy steel, you won’t have to worry about any damage while carrying the cabinet to a remote location. It also has an anti-rust powder coating for better weather protection.

Apart from the 5 drawers, the Suny Deals rolling tool chest also has a top cabinet as well as a bottom cabinet for even more storage space. There are flexible universal wheels attached to the bottom of the tool chest for easier movement, allowing you to push or pull the chest until you find the best location for the unit. There are non-slip liners provided inside the drawers that ensure the complete safety of the tools stored inside the unit.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 20.7 x 11 x 40.5 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 8 drawers
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty option
  • Budget focused options


  • Detachable parts for ease of transportation
  • Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor usage
  • The bottom compartment is divided into 2 sections for additional storage


  • Overall tool chest size is small

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10. 8-Drawer Big Rolling Tool Chest Organizers

Go Time Great Tool ChestGo Time Great is yet another great option if you are looking for a decent tool chest within a certain budget range. It also offers pretty decent storage space for the price with great build quality.

The Go Time Great Rolling Tool Chest is also one of the smaller options on our list for a tool chest compared to a few choices mentioned above. This unit measures about 24.4 x 13 x 42.9 inches in size and offers 8 compartments for storage. The tool storage cabinet on this unit is completely removable and you can use it separately as a portable toolbox. There are a total of 8 drawers and 2 lockable cabinets on the Go Time Great Rolling Tool Chest, combining a lot of space for your tool collection.

The Go Time Great Rolling Tool Chest is made up of cold rolled steel similar to many other premium choices we have seen earlier. Therefore, the build quality is not a concern in this case. You will also find an anti-rust powder coating on the surface of the Go Time Great Rolling Tool Chest which further enhances its durability against environmental factors. There are 360 degrees rotatable wheels at the bottom of the unit allowing a free and smooth movement of the unit.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 24.4 x 13 x 42.9 inches in size
  • Made up of alloy steel
  • Features 8 drawers
  • 4 wheels at the bottom allowing 360 degrees rotation
  • Covered with anti-rust coating


  • Removable section for better portability
  • Lockable cabinets for better safety
  • Easy to move and transport


  • Comparatively smaller than other tool chests

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11. Upgrade Package DNA MOTORING Lockable Slide Tool 7-Drawer Chest

DNA MOTORING Tool Chest Lastly, we will feature a bit of an unusual option compared to the ones we have seen so far. The following unit is an upgrade package designed by DNA Motoring.

The DNA Motoring upgrade package might be a great option for you if you already own a tool chest and are looking to upgrade its capacity a bit more. This upgrade package measures about 30 x 39 x 18 inches in size, making it almost as large as a few tool chests we discussed. Due to that, it can also be used as a standalone lockable tool chest with sliding drawers.

Talking about the drawers, the DNA Motoring upgrade package features 7 drawers, each made up of alloy steel and powder coated for a polished look and protective coating. Even though it is just an upgrade package, the DNA Motoring unit allows nearly 700 lbs load capacity, making it a highly durable option. The drawers also have ball bearings inside, making the overall operation smooth and fast.

Best Features

  • The tool chest is 30 x 39 x 18 inches in size
  • Made up of ABS plastic and alloy steel
  • Features 7 drawers
  • 5 small and 2 big drawers for better differentiation
  • A lot of great features despite being an upgrade package


  • Can be used as a mobile, standalone tool chest
  • Features an ABS plastic divider tray
  • The total load capacity of about 700 lbs


  • No cabinets are included in the design

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Buying Guide For The Best Tool Chest

Buying a tool chest is not a frequent task. It is safe to assume that a lot of you are buying a tool chest for the first time and planning to use it as a permanent storage place for your precious tools and accessories. Thus, you need to carefully consider each and every aspect of the tool chest and make your decision based on their specifications.

While the storage capacity is certainly one of the most important qualities of a tool chest, there are a lot more things to consider such as build quality, type of storage slots, design of the chest, and more. Thus, we have prepared the following buying guide to help you with that. In our buying guide for the best tool chests, we will talk about all of these important qualities of a tool chest and help you find the most suitable option for your needs. Once you check out our buying guide, you can easily prefer the best option for your needs right from our selection of the best tool chests.

1. Drawers and Compartments

The most important aspect of a tool chest has to be its storage capacity. Not only does it specify how much you can store inside the chest, but also what types of tools you can store and how many categories you can create. With more drawers, you will obviously get better categorization. You can exclude regular use tools from others, or you can select a separate compartment for each set such as drill machine, screwdriver, hammer and nail set, etc.

Therefore, you need to check the number of drawers available on your tool chest as well as the capacity of each drawer. Apart from that, some tool chests also offer dedicated cabinets to store larger power tools such as a portable drill, welder, etc. If you own such large tools, you will definitely need a dedicated compartment for the same in your tool chest. But for that, you need to verify the space available in the cabinet and make sure that it’s compatible with your power tool.

 2.Build Quality

The tool chests are designed in such a way that they last decades without any noticeable damage. For that, manufacturers use highly durable materials and prevent environmental damage by applying a weatherproof coating. But, you should still check if that’s the case with the tool chest you are buying. Generally, the most important factor you need to know to verify the build quality is the material used for the construction of the tool chest.

Most of the brands in our list today use alloy steel as the primary material in the construction of the chest which is certainly a good choice for long-lasting reliability. However, some manufacturers are also offering alternatives such as stainless steel or ABS plastic. If you specifically want a toolbox for portable usage, we will recommend going with the one made up of ABS plastic. While it may not be as durable as metal, it will definitely be more lightweight and easier to carry with heavy tools.

3. Portability

Portability is a major factor for those who need to carry the tools to a certain location on a regular basis. Buying a large tool chest in such a scenario will be of little to no use as you will still have to take out the tools and carry them with you to the workplace. Thus, buying a compact toolbox is a better option in such a scenario. toolboxes are compact versions of tool chests that offer fewer drawers and smaller storage space.

Thus, you can easily store basic tools such as a screwdriver set or drill bit set which is crucial at almost any working location. The toolboxes are also much cheaper in comparison, making it an ideal candidate. But, the toolboxes are not useful if you have a large number of tools in your garage that you need to store. For that, buying a large tool chest seems to be the safer choice. We will recommend getting a large tool chest first and buying a secondary toolbox if you find one within the budget. We have also included some great toolboxes on our picks which you can prefer for portable applications.

4. Design Aspect

The overall design of the tool chest also makes a lot of difference in day-to-day usage. Even if your tool chest offers a lot of drawers, it would not be ideal if you cannot open the drawers quickly or if your tools do not fit perfectly inside the drawers. Also, a lot of tool chests feature wheels so that you can move the whole thing at once, along with all the tools stored inside it.

But for that, the tool chest must also offer a strong handle on the side, making it easier to move. In the case of compact toolboxes, there should be a handle on top that offers a strong grip without causing any strain on your hand in case you have to carry it for a longer distance. For drawers and cabinets, make sure that the tool chest has a handle or slots at the front that makes it easier to open and allow you quicker access to the tools you need. Also, make sure you check the inside of each drawer as some brands provide protective covering on the inside which prevents the drawers from internal scratches and damage.


1. Is it necessary to buy a tool chest?

Ans: If you frequently work with a variety of tools and accessories, you must have found yourself struggling to locate an essential tool in the middle of a project. Even if not, a dedicated storage place for your tools keeps them safe from environmental damage and makes them easier to find. Generally, tool chests are quite large and can store almost every single tool and its accessories inside without any problem. You can also prefer a smaller option if it fits your requirements.

2. Do I need a large tool chest?

Ans: The major difference between a toolbox and a tool chest is its size. As the name suggests, a tool chest is definitely larger than a toolbox as it has more compartments and larger cabinets to store more tools. But, whether you need a large tool chest or not is entirely up to you. If you don’t own enough tools to fill up a tool chest, there is no point in investing in a large tool chest just for the empty compartments. However, buying one can be a futureproof option in case you wish to add more tools to your collection.

3. What are the advantages of a plastic tool chest over metal?

Ans: As you may already know, plastic does not hold well against metal in terms of durability. A plastic tool chest will definitely get damaged more than a metal chest in case of external impact. With that being said, there are also some subtle advantages of plastic tool chests. First of all, these options are completely waterproof and light in weight. And if you are buying one that is made up of ABS plastic, you will also get a durable build quality along with similarly decent portability.


Out of all the best tool chests, we have mentioned today, you must have found one or more options that are best suited for your needs. As almost every option present on our picks is designed by a reliable brand, you don’t need to worry about the reliability of the tool chest. All you need to do is carefully consider your requirements and select an option that checks out all the boxes. To help you with that, we have also prepared a buying guide for the best tool chests that you can find above. In the end, we will leave you with some of our favorite picks from this list that can be just what you have been looking for.

  • If you are one organized professional and wish to carefully sort out your tools and store them in a neat manner, we will recommend going with the Seville Classics UltraHD tool chest. This tool chest measures about 72 x 20 x 37.5 inches in size, marking one of the largest options on our list today. Within that, you will get 12 large drawers to store a variety of tools along with a large cabinet for similarly large power tools like a portable welder. It also has a solid hardwood top that can be used as a working space.
  • You might already be familiar with the brand Grizzly as it produces a variety of professional power tools. Unlike most other choices on the list today, the Grizzly Industrial H0837 can be the best option for you if you are looking for a compact and portable toolbox. This toolbox measures about 12 x 26 x 9.88 inches in size and features 3 compartments for storage. It is completely made up of aluminum and painted with a weatherproof coating to avoid environmental damage.
  • Large tool chests are quite expensive and it is quite difficult to find one that fits a tighter budget range. Fortunately, we have one such option present on our list which is the Suny Deals Tool Chest. This large tool chest features 5 drawers and a large cabinet at the bottom divided into 2 sections. This gives you a lot of space to work with and organize your tools with ease. The chest also has wheels at the bottom, making it easier to move from one point to another.

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