An Entrepreneur’s guide to Multi-chain Launchpad development with Redkite clone

Every day, the popularity of blockchain technology is increasing and there are a number of companies that are embracing this new trend. This leads to a situation where these startups need funds to develop their project. Multi-threading Launchpad development is gaining traction now because it helps new projects and also has the best opportunity to enter the coding field. In addition, the launchpad should be a safe platform for investors as well.

There are few standard multi-chain launchers in the industry. Young entrepreneurs are looking to develop a launchpad using the Redkite version. Here is a complete guide on why entrepreneurs should choose the Redkite clone. You can also get all the key ideas before the launch of the Redkite Launchpad.

IDO LaunchPad like Redkite

Redkite and its advantages

Redkite is a decentralized, multi-threaded launchpad that helps launch innovative projects to the public. It is a platform that gives investors a chance to participate in early token sales at a lower price before the project hits the market. Redkite Launchpad not only acts as a broker for new crypto projects but also acts as early investors to get a good ROI.

The launchpad is cross-chain compatible, i.e. it works with the Ethereum blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain, and the Polygon pool. It is a feature-rich launcher among the top 5 in the industry. This feature will bring IDO projects developed into these powerful blockchain networks.

The projects listed in the playback board are selected after a critical screening process. This process verifies the legitimacy of the project by examining the originating team and implementation capabilities. This creates a trusted relationship between the investors and the launch platform.

Redkite clone and its features

Redkite clone is a Whitelabel solution that can give light to carefully select IDO projects. It is useful for both investors and IDO startups. The features of the Redkite clone are similar to those of the original platform. In addition, the development of the Redkite clone is open to customization. Operation panel can be launched with new customized features according to business needs and existing features can be upgraded in the near future.

Some of the advanced features of red kite clone are

  • Multi-chain compatibilityThe platform is compatible with leading blockchain networks such as the Ethereum chain, Binance smart chain, and Polygon Pool. This gives projects developed on these networks an opportunity to be included in this platform. Redkite clone is open to customize disparate pool types and whitelist conditions.
  • fair chances– Users will have equal and fair opportunities to participate. There is a barter system in the platform that guarantees fairness during participation based on the level assigned to it
  • reputation pointsThe platform will include a specialized bot feature that awards certain reputation points to users based on their participation in the launch of IDO. These points can give investors special privileges while participating in future launches.
  • Thorough examination of projectsThe security of investors is ensured by screening projects before they are listed on the platform. The screening process includes checking the legitimacy of projects, checking the background of the original team, and generating ideas. This ensures the safety of early investors.
  • KYC . VerificationIt is imperative that investors go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process before entering the platform. This ensures that only valid users can participate in the launches.
  • Integrated Accrual Accrual Schedule– Integrated project accrual schedule on site assists projects by displaying pre-sale and post-sale secondary codes.
  • Advanced OptionsRedkite clone unlocked for top-notch advanced features. Sophisticated features can be included in the operation panel for the convenience of users in the nearby feature

Working on a Redkite clone

The work of Redkite cloning is so simple that the general public can easily understand the work and get into the early investment of IDOs

  1. Users must register on the platform and must complete KYC verification.

  2. Once this is done, users can integrate their crypto wallets into the platform. Major wallets such as MetaMask, Binance smart chain wallet, Wallet Connect, and Ethereum wallet are compatible.

  3. Now users must own a PKF token to participate in the launch of IDO.

  4. Investors are categorized into different levels based on the credit score they have earned.

  5. Users can earn these points by storing their PKF tokens or by increasing the liquidity in the Redkite staking pool. For each activity, users receive Redkite points.

  6. Users can follow listed projects to launch IDO. They must apply for the whitelist if they are interested in participating in the specific IDO. Basic necessities to get whitelisted for a project is to complete KYC verification and you must belong to any of the levels.

  7. Once whitelisted, users will be allocated to purchase IDO tokens from the platform.

The platform will contain all the details about IDO on the homepage of the IDO project. In the user account tab, users can check which layer they are in and what IDO state the users have participated in.

Recently, Redkite started supporting IDOs for NFT games and De-fi projects on the polygon network. This has opened a channel of opportunities for innovative startups.

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Redkite is the best multi-thread decentralized IDO launcher with cutting edge features. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to launch an IDO launcher like Redkite, you can discuss your business model with experienced developers. Redkite clone development is a cost-effective and time-consuming solution for testing and development. Discuss with them how you would like to modify the Redkite clone script and get a quote to start the platform right away.


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