Why It’s so Difficult to Recruit Diverse Teachers in Early Childhood

A week after our seminar on Wednesday, Asma requested the meeting. A student teacher in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s early childhood program, Esme fails the foundations of the Wisconsin Reading Test, known as WFORT, for the second time, with graduation just a month later. She was concerned about being able to pass the third attempt … Read more

Omicron Is Coming. How Can Schools Prepare?

Schools this fall have, for the most part, found their rhythm — at least by pandemic standards. Most of them were fully opened in person at the start of the school year and have remained that way, with some quarantine measures, closures and other interruptions. That’s not to downplay the ongoing staff shortage, the occasional … Read more

Why Investing in SEL Now May Be the Key to an Equitable Future

Earlier this year, studies confirmed what many teachers already know: Students have suffered major academic setbacks caused by the pandemic. Research by McKinsey revealed that, on average, K-12 students lost up to four months of math and four months of reading progress in the past school year. With newly distributed federal stimulus funds on hand … Read more

Expanding into Early Childhood Is Good for Edtech Companies. Is It Good for Kids?

For years, global learning platform Kahoot has cemented its foothold in the K-12 space through acquisitions and additions to its popular testing platform. On Wednesday, Kahoot expanded its reach even further, releasing a product designed specifically for kids from 2 to 7 years old. And no, not more tests. Instead, the Norway-based company — which … Read more

Edpuzzle Full Review for Teachers and Students

Edpuzzle is an educational platform that enables teachers to create and share annotated video lessons with their students. Teachers can use YouTube videos or upload their own, add questions, notes, and audio comments, and share them with their students. Students watch annotated videos and provide text and audio responses. With Edpuzzle Gradebook, teachers can estimate … Read more