Why the key to effective engagement banking lies in behavioural science

Over the recent years, numerous studies have highlighted the tangible business value that banks that form strong relationships with their customers bring. Banks should look to leverage behavioral science when designing digital experiences A recent Gallup report, for example, found that engaged customers generate 37% more annual profits than non-engaged customers. However, too many banks … Read more

What Is A Quizlet Live and How to Use It with Students? Tips for Teachers

Quizlet Live is a collaborative game system that allows teachers to engage students and enhance their learning using a variety of game-based activities. As students play games, teachers access live data on their performance and track their progress. Quizlet Live games can be used for various educational purposes including vocabulary review, practice study materials (such … Read more

How Automated Accounting Software Changes Company Accounting Operations

Companies spend a lot of time managing expenses, preparing invoices, preparing reports, and performing other routine tasks. But what if you entrust all these operations to programs? Your accounting department will be able to solve the most important issues, and do more in less time. We’ll tell you how to integrate automated accounting software into … Read more

Conversational Banking Is So Much More than “What’s My Account Balance?”

From calling the ride to your exact location to same-day delivery to your doorstep, the primary goal of technology today is convenience. Innovators come for your keyboard. In the near future, voice control will replace tap, tap and swipe. Instead of just asking a question and hearing an answer, digital assistants will roll up their … Read more

What Is Wakelet and How to Use It in Your Teaching?

Wakelet is a digital organization tool that allows you to save, organize, and share digital resources. Wakelet’s collaborative features make it a tool with huge learning potential for teachers and students. Easily create groups with fellow teachers or with students and start creating transformative learning experiences. In this post, I introduce you to Wakelet and … Read more

The challenge of questioning the status quo

Fintech as a combination of technology and financial services is changing the way financial companies operate, collaborate, and interact with their customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. Fintech is creating new opportunities and challenges for the financial sector, from consumers to financial institutions and regulators. A variety of fintech solutions are revolutionizing traditional financial services. In … Read more

The benefits of smart-sourcing your superannuation back-office function

In recent years, the pension sector has undergone many changes driven by regulation, developments in technology and evolving expectations of the type of service that members want from their provider. As these factors continue to shape the sector, we look at how companies can embrace changing market dynamics using modern, cost-effective technology to seize opportunity … Read more