Government Funds Shielded Colleges From Extinction. In 2022, the Stakes Will Change.

At the start of what will soon be known around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education industry leaders are beginning to fear the worst. Within days, colleges and universities across the country announced their continuity of service plans to provide instruction and support students remotely. Using a combination of digital communication technologies, messaging … Read more

Education Has Been Hammering the Wrong Nail. We Have to Focus on the Early Years.

Maria and her husband arrived at the Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Health of Adventist HealthCare in 2018, searching for answers for their then two-year-old middle son, Lucas. Their beds are packed, busy with wrestling matches, full of outdoor adventures, and completely covered in Legos. They definitely love their mess. And while Lucas … Read more

Not Everyone Feels Welcome in Esports. This University Is Fighting Toxicity With Diversity.

Esports programs at colleges across the country are growing because of their ability to attract and engage students — just like traditional sports. But higher education caters to all types of students, and the gaming community isn’t exactly known as a bastion of inclusivity (remember Gamergate?). How can colleges create esports programs where everyone feels … Read more

This Moment in Education Is Demanding. To Move the Field Forward, We Must Support Educators in Three Key Ways.

The lasting impact of the pandemic is becoming more apparent as students and teachers return to the classroom this year. The gap between “haves” and “have-nots” has widened and more acute. Teacher shortage and burnout increased dramatically. The teachers, who are already vulnerable, have been challenged not only to meet all the students where they … Read more