SplashLearn- Free Math Games for Kindergarten to Grade 5

SplashLearn (formerly Splash Math) is a game-based platform that provides co-curricular materials to teach mathematics to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers can create classes and invite their students to join them using a unique digital code. SlpashLearn allows you to create different types of assignments and assessments and provides you with tools to … Read more

Indigenous Knowledge Is Often Overlooked in Education. But It Has A Lot to Teach Us.

As I sit at my grandmother’s oval wooden table, I feel the warm summer breeze through the open window. Ask her again how to pronounce iciyapi. “Ee-chee-yah-pee,” she said in a slightly slower, but confident tone. I repeat the syllables in a slower, deliberate voice. “Ee… chee… yah..pee.” “Okay girl, that looks good,” she says. … Read more

Schools Ask for Volunteer Teachers to Avoid Remote Learning During Omicron Surge

As schools head into what will be the third spring to offer education during the pandemic, the omicron variant of COVID-19 is already causing disruption. But unlike during previous outbreaks of the virus, there was less desire among administrators, parents and policy makers for distance learning – to the frustration of some teachers and students. … Read more