Autonomous Vehicle Safety Adversities And Confronting Techniques

Despite sensors such as lidar offering an innovative approach to detecting anomalies while driving a self-driving vehicle, does vehicle intelligence extend to other unexpected challenges to ensuring complete vehicle safety? Autonomous vehicle safety plays an essential role in the overall performance of the navigation system. It is crucial to have a robust and anti-fog-resistant safety … Read more

Systems Engineer – Systems Studies At GE In Noida

This role is designed to interpret the customer’s technical inquiry and design the most cost-effective end-to-end solution for HVDC installation using PES Power Electronics solutions, with the goal of minimizing the overall cost, and identifying the major (high value) items purchased – from the equipment. The successful candidate will be involved in the development and … Read more

Ultra Wideband Sensor For Touch-Free Experience Of Smart Electronics

Devices use pulsed radar to detect reliability to detect human presence and save energy in automation and consumer electronics NOVELDA AS, developer of accurate and reliable sensors for human presence, has launched the latest Ultra Wide Band (UWB) sensors for smart home and building automation that can accurately sense human presence and movement providing precise, … Read more

ATrack Launches the AL300 LTE-M Waterproof Tracker

Launched by ATrack Technology Inc. Recently the AL300 LTE-M waterproof tracker with IP67 waterproof and dustproof functions, specially designed for heavy machinery or transportation equipment which need to be monitored for a long time and placed outdoors, such as refrigerated trucks, scooters, trailers, agricultural and construction heavy machinery. In addition to a powerful IP67 enclosure, … Read more

Should You Switch To Intel’s Latest Embedded Boards

Embedded applications with smaller footprints and lower power requirements, such as SMARC, Qseven, COM Express Compact/Mini and Pico-ITX SBCs, are getting a boost with the launch of Intel’s latest family of Elkhart Lake processors. Replacing the previous generation of Apollo Lake, it not only provides increased processing performance with lower power requirements for industrial IoT … Read more

First Demonstration of Improvements in HDD Recording Performance

Toshiba Group (“Toshiba”) announced On December 27, 2021, The world’s first demonstration of improving recording performance on hard disk drives (HDD) through microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAS-MAMR), a next-generation magnetic recording technology. The demo confirms that the technology delivers significant gains in storage capacity, and Toshiba is now aiming for early commercialization of nearby hard drives … Read more

Top 15 Best Digital Multimeter Kit Reviews In 2022

Digital multimeter is widely used in testing various electronic instruments. This tool is useful for measuring resistance, current & voltage in any troubleshooting circuits. Although, a multimeter is available in either digital or analog form but digital multimeter is a latest and most widely used tool. The ease of reading, cost effectiveness and increased use … Read more

The 10 Best Rotary Hammer Drills For Heavy Duty Reviews and Buying Guide

Here you can find out the top-notch rotary hammer drills for construction, DIY, or remodeling works. Rotary hammer drills are high-performance power tools that use rotary mechanism and electric power to easily drill through diverse tough materials like drywall, concrete, stone, tiles, or bricks. They are quite useful while dealing with medium to heavy-duty projects. … Read more