Consolidation of the BNPL industry: What does it mean?

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services have grown exponentially, particularly since the advent of COVID-19, accelerating digitization, merchant adoption, and consumer demand. Collaboration can be mutually beneficial for banks, financial institutions and fintech companies With customers choosing new online payment methods, an increasing number of online and in-store retailers are collaborating with BNPL platforms. In … Read more

Game Over for Meme Stocks as Analysts Predict Retail Sell offs

2021 was definitely the year of the meme stock. January of last year hosted one of the most memorable short crises in stock market history, as a group of Reddit retail investors teamed up to create a massive surge in GameStop shares that saw their prices skyrocket by nearly 1,900% of their price in The … Read more

NFT Gaming FAQs

What are NFT games? NFT Games is a leader in the for-profit category of games. This type of gaming platform allows players to earn profits and rewards by playing the game and trading the in-game assets that they receive. In-game assets in an NFT game are represented as NFTs. These assets include weapons, avatars, rewards, … Read more

Why crisis response preparation is key to business resilience

Organizations face many competing priorities and demands for their resources. But in the wake of the pandemic, the importance of resilience has come first on the minds of many business leaders. Everyone understands that a company’s ability to respond effectively to a crisis is key to its long-term survival. In the past, it was understood … Read more

FINRA Reviews Rules Around Social Media Influencers

On July 22, Robert Cook, CEO of FINRA, revealed that a large-scale campaign involving financial services influencers was “coming.” It eventually arrived in September, following the Securities and Exchange Commission and asked for comment on “digital engagement practices” used by investment advisors, brokers and traders. The Securities and Exchange Commission has been more interested in … Read more

The Year to Lead with Fintech Ecosystems

Fintech ecosystems are set to grow with a number of trends emerging in 2022. 2022 is set to be a big year for the fintech ecosystem, with $3 billion in venture capital expected to be funded by 465 fintech companies by the end of the year. At their core, fintech ecosystems are a complex network … Read more

Why banks and fintechs still fail SMBs

Today, at least when it comes to the consumer side of it, we are all used to payments being instant, reliable and basically free. When sending money to friends and family, we rarely think “what bank do they use” or “will my payments be made”. It’s a nice utopia, where borders no longer matter and … Read more

StarCompliance: Insider Trading Detection Needs to Evolve Beyond Rules-Based Compliance

Will Haggerty is Director of Product Management at StarCompliance. He has 10 years of experience in the financial services industry ranging from investment analysis and technical advisory to risk management and sales. Here he shares his thoughts on how the discovery of insider trading has evolved beyond rule-based compliance. FINRA I recently discovered that a … Read more