APAC Banks Encouraged To Adopt ‘Multicore’ Banking Model for Digital Transformation in New Report

According to new research from IDC Financial Insights, Southeast Asian banks continue to view digital transformation as high-risk, and while recognizing the value of core digital banking, they are seeking a less risky approach to digital transformation to extend the life of their legacy technology and mitigate potential risks. IDC’s new white paper, sponsored by … Read more

Education Has Been Hammering the Wrong Nail. We Have to Focus on the Early Years.

Maria and her husband arrived at the Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Health of Adventist HealthCare in 2018, searching for answers for their then two-year-old middle son, Lucas. Their beds are packed, busy with wrestling matches, full of outdoor adventures, and completely covered in Legos. They definitely love their mess. And while Lucas … Read more

Chetwood Financial Launces First Credit Card

Chitwood Financial announced the launch plank, The first ever digital bank credit card, enabling customers to control their spending and manage their finances for the long term. Designed by customers for consumers, the Wave credit card offers flexibility and convenience to semi-privileged consumers who typically have fewer credit options available to them, with fewer functionality. … Read more

CoreLedger: The Top 5 Industries Where Enterprise Blockchain Will Flourish in 2022

Blockchain technology, which is more than a decade old, received worldwide recognition worldwide in 2021. What was once considered a “hype” and “crypto-fraud” technology has finally entered mainstream consciousness with real-world use cases. People are now realizing the commercial value of being able to prove the authenticity and uniqueness of an asset, taking advantage of … Read more