Frictionless charity donation

On an annual basis amounting to billions of euros Donated to charities. This is done in all forms i.e. from companies or individuals sponsoring charitable events, to purchasing items of charitable organizations down to the easiest form of direct money donation via credit transfer or direct debit. Although this leads to huge money transfers, customer … Read more

Key Challenges and How to Overcome Them

The financial industry has undergone innovative transformations over the years. Cashless payments, mobile banking, and other technology-enabled solutions are reshaping how customers, financial companies, and banks manage their money. However, with so many opportunities come new challenges that financial institutions must face. What is fintech? Financial technologies, or fintech, include advanced technologies that are used … Read more

Financial and Banking Predictions for 2022: Top 3 Tech Trends

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has prompted business owners to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Digitization seemed obvious and inevitable with all the shutdowns, restrictions, and hybrid business models being imposed globally. All in all, the BFSI sector has done a very good job, quickly adapting to the new normal and embracing the latest digital banking … Read more

Indonesian fintech’s spectacular 2021 is just the beginning

After years of steady growth in finance, 2021 was the year when Indonesian fintech took off. This year saw Southeast Asia’s largest economy attract more than $1 billion in fintech inflows, minting two new units in the process; Xendit and Ajaib join Gojek and Ovo at the top. The catalysts accelerating this growth have long … Read more

“Happy Birthday, Open Banking!”

Today, Open Banking celebrates its fourth birthday in the UK. Four years later, it is still growing and evolving into an exceptional alternative to traditional banking. This is great news for all open banking providers. Since Open Banking was first established in the UK in 2018, there have been many changes that have challenged our … Read more

Delivering on the potential of open finance

Not so long ago, “open banking” seemed unimaginable. With the increase of new digital technologies, the level of cyber risk has also evolved. So financial data, always considered highly sensitive, has become more confidential – certainly not to share. But things have changed. With the ever-increasing rise of financial technology, banking applications, online trading platforms, … Read more


Energy and commodity markets are constantly changing and have recently seen extreme price swings due to global gas shortages, post-lockdown industrial demand, and reduced wind generation in Europe. While volatility can be expected in the energy trading markets, market participants such as utilities, industrial companies and trading houses are increasingly facing a greater frequency of … Read more

How Automated Accounting Software Changes Company Accounting Operations

Companies spend a lot of time managing expenses, preparing invoices, preparing reports, and performing other routine tasks. But what if you entrust all these operations to programs? Your accounting department will be able to solve the most important issues, and do more in less time. We’ll tell you how to integrate automated accounting software into … Read more

Conversational Banking Is So Much More than “What’s My Account Balance?”

From calling the ride to your exact location to same-day delivery to your doorstep, the primary goal of technology today is convenience. Innovators come for your keyboard. In the near future, voice control will replace tap, tap and swipe. Instead of just asking a question and hearing an answer, digital assistants will roll up their … Read more

The challenge of questioning the status quo

Fintech as a combination of technology and financial services is changing the way financial companies operate, collaborate, and interact with their customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. Fintech is creating new opportunities and challenges for the financial sector, from consumers to financial institutions and regulators. A variety of fintech solutions are revolutionizing traditional financial services. In … Read more